Frequently Asked Questions


  • no need to book, just turn up

  • first session free

  • wear shorts and t-shirt

  • equipment supplied

  • no sign up fees, 'Pay as you go'

I'm a beginner, which classes should I try?

We offer beginner classes in Muay Thai and BJJ. Both of these classes are geared around helping beginners get to grips with the basic techniques and start to build up a solid fitness base. If you are unsure as to which style would suit you best, read up the individual arts here

Do I have to be fit to attend the classes?

No, not at all. The classes will help to get you fit. You can work at your own pace within the class and work to your own fitness levels.

How much is it to sign up?

No need to sign up. There are no up front payments or joining fees at Fightworx. All pricing information can be found here

What do I wear?

It will depend on which class you are attending. However, to begin with, any loose fitting clothing is recommended. Shorts and T-shirt will be ideal. Tracksuit bottoms aren't ideal. Depending on the art, your instructor will be able to tell you what uniform you will need should you want to continue with the classes.

I want to try Thai Boxing, but I don't want to be punched in the face.

No problem. Sparring is completely optional. Your instructor can arrange for you to do other forms of training whilst the sparring is happening. The beginner classes have very little, if any, sparring anyway.

I would really like to fight one day,  is that possible?

Absolutely. We encourage our students to test themselves through competition, whether it be a grappling competition, Thai boxing interclub or an amateur fight. Should you wish to compete, we will support you and ensure that we get you ready enough to do so.

I'm nervous about attending a class, do you do private training?

Yes we do. Check out all the info on personal training here